Detox Ice Pops

Did you over indulge during Memorial Day weekend and now feel like you need to get back on track? Here is an easy way to cool off this summer while enjoying a refreshing and healthy Detox Ice Pop. You may already drink detox waters to help rid your body of all of the extra water, bloating and impurities – now here is a way to enjoy the same benefit in popsicle form!

What you’ll need to get your detox on!

  • Mojito Mint leaves, washed
  • Fresh cucumber, peeled and sliced
  • Meyer Lemon, sliced
  • Water

Detox Ice Pops Ingredients - Double Knotted Apron

Add a slice of lemon, cucumber and mint leaves to each popsicle tray and then add water. Let chill in refrigerator overnight to infuse flavors. Freeze the next morning and then enjoy!

You can adjust the amount of flavor by adding to or taking away as much as needed. If you aren’t a ‘water drinker’ then another great way to help add a little flavor to these ice pops is by adding water flavor infuser liquids or powders. Just be sure to check the sugar intake in the infuser to keep from detracting from what your goal is with the Detox Ice Pops.

Detox Ice Pops - Double Knotted Apron

Enjoy and stay cool!



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