Chic and Chunky Chicken Salad

If you are like me, you love a good helping of chicken salad whether on crackers or croissant. If you are like me again, you don’t like paying $10 at a restaurant for a chicken salad sandwich. It just seems silly when you can make at least 4 servings or more for the same price at home. Here is a quick and fresh recipe for Chic and Chunky Chicken Salad. Impress your gal pals at your next house party or your grandma when she comes for a visit. This recipe is sure to please the crowd and fill their bellies.

My grandmother is coming see my new house tomorrow, so I whipped up this batch of chicken salad just for her visit. I plan to serve along with a whole wheat loaf and crackers. Of course sweet tea will be the drink option. If you haven’t gathered by now, I am a Southern girl following in her mom and grandmother’s footsteps of cooking and baking for the family.

 Chic and Chunky Chicken Salad

What You’ll Need:

  • 2 cans of white chunk chicken breast, drained and shredded (I prefer Kirkland’s brand from Costco… My uncle is the owner for the poultry company that produces the meat for Kirkland’s, so I know I can trust the product and ensure a tasty meal.)
  • Handful of grapes, halved (Your choice, but red grapes are my fav!)
  • 1/4 of an apple, chopped (I love to use Gala apples because they are always crispy to give the CCCS a crunch)
  • 1 stalk of celery, minced
  • Handful of dried cranberries (Publix is my place to shop, so I use their products as much as possible. Always fresh and usually much less expensive than name brands like Ocean Spray… wait is that the sunscreen brand…no, we’re good that’s Ocean Potion. Back to the ingredients, sorry!)
  • 1-2 tablespoons of mayo (this is really a taste preference, so remember always use a little at a time and taste as you go. You can always add more, but will have a messy time trying to take away if you add too much too soon.)
  • 2 tablespoons of sweet pickle relish
  • S&P

To start, open your cans of chicken, drain really well and empty into a large bowl. Finely shred the chunks of chicken breast.

Add in your halved grapes, chopped apple, minced celery and dried cranberries and mix well.

Next add in your mayo and relish and a good pinch of salt and two or three grinds of fresh pepper.

Mix, stir, mix, stir. (Shout out to my favorite spatula EVER – we have been through many a meal together and you will notice it’s appearance in the picture above… Le Creuset makes a mean spatula folks! Worth the investment.)

Chicken salad is by far one of my favorite fresh meals to prepare. So quick and simple yet packed with all the flavor you wish to add.

Chic and Chunky Chicken Salad       Chic and Chunky Chicken Salad

Extra: If you are a little squirrelly and love nuts, branch out and add your favorite(s) to this dish. My two go-to nuts are pecans and walnuts. They compliment all of the other ingredients really well and add they extra flavor and crunch to ensure your hungry eaters are getting everything they could possibly want in one dish!

If you like chicken salad chilled, prepare in advance, cover and chill it in the fridge. If you are in a bind, plate and serve your chicken salad as soon as your make it. Either way it is sure to be yummy and a crowd pleaser!

Great sides or compliments to go along with this dish include:

  • fresh fruit
  • pita or wrap
  • cheese slices on crackers with green pepper jelly
  • bed of lettuce and tomato
  • hoagie with melted provolone
  • fork 😉



Recipe Card – Click to Download.

Chic and Chunky Chicken Salad Recipe Card


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