Mile High Salad


Mile High Salad

One of my favorite lunches my mom has always made are her famous mile high salads. I mean these things are piled with yummy veggies, fruit and cheese. Did I mention they are gorgeous. I know I sound weird saying a salad is gorgeous but they always are. They make you want to eat them and feel healthier doing so.

Today, for lunch, I made my husband and I Mile High Salads… and they were delicious!!

What You’ll Need:

– Head of Romaine, chopped (typically comes in packs of three)
– English cucumber, sliced
– Grape tomatoes, whole
– a couple of strawberries, sliced
– carrots, cut (I like mine chunky)
– sweet peppers, sliced (the prepackaged bags of yellow, orange and red are my favorite)
– shredded cheese (your choice)
– Zesty Italian dressing (or your favorite)

The key to a Mile High Salad is the order that you layer your toppings. After washing your lettuce, drain and arrange on your plate. Make a nice thick bed. Next, layer your cucumbers and carrots. These are the heavier items that you will have on you salad so it only makes sense that they should serve as an anchor on the bed of lettuce. After that add your peppers and tomatoes, yum! Then add your strawberry slices and top with a good sprinkling of cheese. (Side note: if you are like my husband and enjoy croutons, add them on but keep in mind the calorie additions. All of your veggies are good calories that help fill you up and keep you full longer.) If I had had them in my pantry I would have also added some cranberries as well. Top with some fresh ground pepper and your choice of dressing. Remember a little goes a long way!

Enjoy your tasty and healthy lunch! Salads make for a great make ahead meal if you take your lunch to work or school. 🙂



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